Final Polishing Pads

Spartan OMNI-White Polishing Pad

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FOR USE ON: Optical, electro-optical, metals, semiconductor, compound semiconductor and ceramic materials as a gentle stock removal
pad or a final polishing pad.
HARDNESS (Scale C): 55 – 60
DENSITY: 0.383-0.468 g/cm3
THICKNESS: 0.050”, 0.090”, 0.125”

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Poretex 2LN Polishing Pads

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FOR USE ON: Used to produce ultra polished surfaces with synthetic pads
NAP LENGTH: » 50 μ
WEIGHT: 570 +/50 grams/linear yd.
COMPRESSION %: 4.5 +/2.0%
DENSITY: 0.42 +/0.05 g/cm3
THICKNESS: 450 +/80μ mm
DIAMETER: Precut or 53” wide rolls…

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